home securityA home security system is an important tool in keeping your family safe from various threats.  The reality may be that no home is completely safe if targeted, but in the majority of attempted break-ins, most criminals admit they are thwarted by a home security system in place. But is your home security system as secure as you think it is? Here’s how to tell by looking at your various home-entry points.

  • Garage doors – For non-automatic garage doors, be sure there is a lock and it is regularly used.  Inside your garage itself, be sure the door leading into the house is just as secured as your front door.
  • Sliding glass doors – Place a dowel rod into the track of the sliding door for added protection.  A screw placed into the top of the frame can prevent the door from being lifted off the track.
  • Basement windows – Most burglars break in through the basement window, so make sure yours are clear of bushes and other debris so as not to give them a chance to hide while attempting to do so. 
  • Outside security – A properly lit lawn goes a long way at providing additional home security.  Make sure there are no dark areas around your property and that the lights stay on throughout the whole night.
  • Timers – Finally, set timers on some of your interior lights and think about the sequence in which they turn on and off.  First-floor lights should turn off a minute or so before second floor lights come on in order to make anyone watching believe someone is actually home.