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Important Proactive Steps to Take When You’re Concerned About Your Home SecurityNo family wants to wait until their home is burglarized before considering a home security alarm system installation.  It’s important to take steps before something unfortunate happens to your property, and here are some proactive solutions to help prevent a home invasion before you get that unfortunate wake-up call.

  • Check all your doors and locks, and try to force them open from the outside. Loose frames, old handles and rusted locks are all culprits that need to be addressed and repaired immediately. 
  • Keep all doors and windows locked, even when you’re at home, and don’t open your door to any strangers before knowing exactly who they are. Install a peephole and always ask who’s at the door before opening it up to a stranger. 
  • Install a high quality, wireless, monitored home security system. Protected against power outages and the cutting of phone lines, a wireless home security system can be a very effective deterrent to criminals trying to enter your home. Place signs on the front yard and by all entrances or stickers in the windows stating the alarm company you chose, as this alone can be a very reliable way of keeping intruders out.
  • When leaving your house, look around for cars and their occupants that seem out of place, and head back inside if you don’t feel right about leaving your home. When heading back into your home, be sure to make sure your garage is fully closed before leaving your vehicle.

Home security starts with awareness, and with these tips, you and your family should be well protected in case intruders make an attempt to get into your home.