Wireless security systems are becoming more and more popular.Installing security systems in your home or on your commercial property make sense in a declining economy – with the number of thefts rising, it makes sense to rely on modern technology to protect your assets. One choice you’re faced with when considering a new security system is whether you should go wired or wireless.  Both offer their pros and cons, but wireless systems are becoming more popular for those looking to maximize their security investment.  Here’s why wireless should be your choice among security systems currently on the market.

  • You’ve got options. In the past, wired units were very costly and couldn’t be installed by those renting units. Not so with wireless security systems, as they are entirely portable and can go with you from location to location when you move.
  • They are less vulnerable. Since they’re not hooked up to the main power source or the hard-wired phone line, wireless security systems are less vulnerable to tampering and disarming. They are generally outfitted with backup battery packs and are often set up to access cell service to report any suspicious activity.
  • They’re easy to fix. In the past, if there was ever an issue with your hardwired security system, a costly visit by a technician was often your only option.  With wireless systems, though, diagnostics and repair are as easy as a remote operator logging into your unit.  It also may be possible for your system to even repair itself!

Consider a wireless security system to protect your home and business in case of attempted break-ins – the reasons speak for themselves; they’re the modern solution to preventing even the most motivated criminals from entering your property.