Protect Retired Parents with Security System Monitoring

The vast majority of retirees spend their golden years in their home rather than moving into a retirement community. If that is the case with your parents and you have concerns about their safety, one solution to think about is having a security system installed and set up security system monitoring services.

One reason to go this route is that, far too often, seniors are targeted by criminals because they expect they won’t put up much resistance in a home invasion or burglary situation. The elderly may not be able to dial 911 quickly enough to get the help they need. With security system monitoring, they will not have to, as help will be on the way when the monitoring company cannot reach them on the telephone.

In addition to security system monitoring, you can add video surveillance, so you can check in on your parents should you be unable to reach them by telephone and are getting worried. This is a good option when you do not live nearby.

You can also have peace of mind that other issues will result in immediate response. The security system monitoring can be tied into the fire alarm so that the fire department is quickly alerted if there is a problem. This is a good option if you have concerns about your parent using the stove safely or think they might otherwise take risks with open flames, such as candles or cigarettes.

If you would like to set up security system monitoring for your parents, reach out to us at Nasa Security. We are happy to walk you and your parents through how our services work and show you how valuable our affordable service can be for their peace of mind and yours.