The Increasing Need for a Professional Security SystemPeople often question the need for a professional security system at home, but did you know that an act of crime occurs in Florida, on average, every 44 seconds? These crimes range from property-related crimes (every 50 seconds) & vehicle theft (every 14 minutes) to robbery (every 22 minutes), burglary (every 3 minutes) and even murder (every 8 hours 42 minutes) just to name a few. (See the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Crime Clock for more information.)

Installing a professional security system in your home can be a crucial factor in reducing the chances you or your family are ever the victims of one of these horrible incidents. The simple addition of a home security system can greatly decrease the chances of a crime ever happening to you or a loved one. Various aspects of a complete home security system, such as the alarm system stickers, motion sensor lighting & various cameras, act as a direct crime deterrent, helping to reduce the chances of a crime every happening on or around your property in the first place.

If a crime does happen on your property, the alarm system will alert you and your family right away, and the correct authorities will be dispatched as quickly as possible. This initial warning & increased emergency response time can sometimes be the difference between a minor incident and a major disaster. In these types of emergency situations, time is everything; seconds do count.

Another benefit of having a video security system is that it can assist in the overall investigation process after the fact. Having video evidence of the crime occurring can be a vital piece of evidence for law enforcement and can greatly assist in the overall investigation process.


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