Important Yearly Smoke Alarm Safety ChecklistFire safety is no joke, which is why it is extremely important that you examine your house’s smoke alarms at least once a year to ensure they are all working as intended. The first and most important thing to check with each smoke alarm is that its battery is still in working condition. A good rule of thumb is to replace the batteries of all your smoke alarms on a scheduled day each year, whether they need new ones or not.

During this scheduled battery replacement, it is also important that you clean each alarm of any dust or spider webs that may have collected, as these things can cause blockages and reduce the overall effectiveness of the alarm. Once the batteries are replaced and the smoke alarm itself has been cleaned, you should make sure to test the alarm itself to confirm everything is in working condition. During this test, it is also a good idea for you and your family to do a practice fire drill, so you have a defined evacuation plan tested and ready in case it is ever needed.

Following these steps will ensure that all your smoke alarms are in working condition year after year, which can greatly reduce the chances of them having some sort of issue if a fire emergency does happen to arise.


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