3 Reasons to Consider Fire Alarm Monitoring for Your Home

Fire alarms are critical to safety. Not only do they warn people inside the property of the danger of a potential fire, but they are also designed to be loud and disruptive enough to wake even the deepest sleepers during nighttime fire hazards. Fire alarm monitoring is a great security measure that adds extra protection to your fire alarms. If you do not have fire alarm monitoring, here are a few reasons to consider it:

1. Protects your home even when unoccupied. Once a fire alarm goes off, people are able to evacuate the building and then alert the fire department. If your property is unoccupied, then the chances of someone calling the fire department greatly diminish, particularly if your neighbors are not close or if it is during the night. But with fire alarm monitoring, the fire department is automatically notified of the problem immediately.

3 Reasons to Consider Fire Alarm Monitoring for Your Home

2. Can send help if you are trapped. Fires can spread quickly under the right circumstances. If you are away from a phone or unable to call for help, fire alarm monitoring can ensure that help is sent immediately.

3. Potential decrease of damages. Without fire alarm monitoring, there is a gap in time between when the alarms go off and when you are able to safely call the department from the outside. With fire alarm monitoring, that gap is significantly decreased. This can mean that the damages are much less severe with a quicker response time from the fire department.

Fire alarm monitoring is all about maximizing your safety while minimizing potential hazards that can accompany fires. If you are considering fire alarm monitoring, please talk with our team here at Nasa Security to learn more.