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2 Tips to Save Money on Home SecurityDid you know that installing a professional home security system can not only help protect your family & possessions from harm, but can also help save you money? Here are 2 useful tips of how upgrading your home security can really pay off!

1. Save on Insurance

Did you know that adding home security features such as video surveillance, upgraded door locks, window bars, motion sensor lighting & driveway monitoring can lower your overall home insurance costs? This is also true for the addition of fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms & flood detectors, as they can lower the risk of potential property damage.

2. Lower Your Energy Bill

Some home security systems offer additional savings through smart home technology, which allows it to monitor various aspects of your house and optimize the results remotely to help save you money on your electric bill. Through smart home technology, you can control features like your homes lighting, temperature controls, sprinkler system & overall security system remotely, giving you complete control of your home’s energy output at all times, allowing for additional energy saving opportunities.


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