How to Maintain Your Fire Alarms

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If you want to keep your home safe, one of the best things you can do is invest in high-quality fire alarms and keep them in good working order. Your fire alarms are one thing you definitely don’t want to fail on you, so in this article, our team at Nasa Security will go over how to properly maintain them.

How to Maintain Your Fire Alarms

•  Test Your Alarms Regularly- The first thing you should do to keep your fire alarms in good working order is to test them. Your fire alarm should have a test button on the side or top—when you press that button, you should hear a test sequence that will confirm that the alarm is on and working and that it has enough power.

•  Clean the Alarms- Another key step in fire alarm maintenance is to keep the alarm clean. In order for your alarm to work properly, air needs to be able to reach the sensors—if no smoke or carbon monoxide can reach the sensor, the alarm will not go off. We recommend using your vacuum (with a brush attachment) to gently suck the dust out of the vents. You can also use a can of compressed air to dislodge the dust and prevent it from impeding the flow of air.

•  Change the Batteries- The third step you should take to maintain your fire alarms is replace their batteries regularly. For alarms that use regular batteries, you should replace the batteries every year. For alarms that use long-life batteries, you will need to replace the whole alarm after you hear its end-of-life signal.