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Getting a Home Security System Is More Affordable Than EverGetting a home security system is often seen as an expense, but it can also be looked at as more of an investment than anything else. Can you really put a price on protecting your family, property & personal valuables? Truth is, getting a home security system nowadays is quite affordable, and there are extra steps that can be taken to reduce the costs even further.

When it comes to installing a home security system, whether it be by adding cameras, motion sensor lighting, window bars & upgraded door locks or a full out alarm system, installing it yourself can really reduce the initial costs. But sometimes it is worth the extra expense to get professional help to ensure that you pick the right home security system with all the needed accessories & install them in the ideal locations without any issues. Keep in mind that home security system installation costs can range quite a bit depending on the company chosen, house layout/design and your desired setup.

Another great way to cut some of the cost of having a home security system is to switch to a different security monitoring company. A lot of the larger, national alarm companies offer 24/7 monitoring for a monthly cost, and usually have fairly long term contracts (3+ years). By simply switching your home security system monitoring to a smaller, local company, you can likely cut your monthly monitoring costs in half without giving up any of the 24/7 quality of your old monitoring service. Another benefit is that these other monitoring companies are able to take over monitoring your current alarm system, no matter what setup/brand you may use, and a lot of them do not require a long-term contract of any kind, giving you additional flexibility, which can save you money down the line.


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