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Alarm ChoicesWhen it comes to alarm choices for your home security setup, the possibilities can be overwhelming.  A properly installed security system can protect you from intruders, fire, and many other threats to your property.  With so many options, though, it’s easy to lose sight of your priorities: protecting your home and family. Here are just a few of the options you have for your alarm system and how it can work to protect what matters.

The main two types of alarms are the monitored and unmonitored variety.  Monitored means that, once the alarm is tripped, after about a minute you’ll receive a phone call to find out if it’s a false alarm.  If you don’t answer your phone, the provider then calls the authorities and they will respond to your home.  A disadvantage to this is that it creates a window for thieves to make off with valuables before anybody shows up.  Having an unmonitored alarm saves on monthly fees, but relies on your neighbors to call the police and get involved in the safety of your property.  One advantage, though, is that the loud noises typically detour unwanted intruders.

Two other types of alarms are either wired or wireless systems.  Wired systems are more difficult to install but are generally considered more reliable than their wireless counterparts.  Wireless alarms are easier to install and can be moved easily when leaving your home, but also do have space limitations in regards to the distance between the various parts of the system.

Which type of alarm is right for you? Contact us at Nasa Security, and we’ll help you find out!