Understanding Your Home Alarm SystemMost homeowners don’t really understand exactly how their home alarm system works beyond the basics they’re taught by the installation technician, and this can often lead to improper operation and even potentially a malfunction of the alarm itself.  Avoid this common pitfall by understanding the components of the alarm you have in place to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  • The Control Panel – Your central hub for your alarm system, this is where all commands are stored as well as where the point of origin is for communication between your home and your security service provider.
  • Keypads – Make sure these are installed right next to the main point of entry in your home, and choose a passcode that exists nowhere else in your life (i.e. don’t use a phone number, birthday, or other common number).
  • Key Fobs – These are wireless devices that you can use outside of your home to disarm the alarm system without having to use a password.  Treat this as valuable as your cash and keep it well protected on your person. 
  • CCTV Video Monitoring – Be aware of whether your video is streaming and recorded to a security provider offsite or whether you have a digital video recorder somewhere in your home recording footage. Find out how long the video is stored and whether it also includes audio recording.

Before installing any alarm system in your home, familiarize yourself with all possible components so you know exactly what to ask for from your security company.  It’ll save you their time and your money.